Bill Bert Podcast | Episode 27

Aug 19, 2020
191 546 Views

Bill and Bert prattle about Ellen DeGeneres, crazy fanbases, and ‘sharks below the water’.
produced by @All Things Comedy and Andrew Themeles (@themeles)
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    Jeremy SnyderJeremy Snyder14 days ago
  • Well done Bert for pronouncing Edinburgh correctly!

    Ben WherlockBen WherlockMonth ago
  • Who here would love it if bill played his “time for advice” Jingle when he starts to psycho analyzing Bert?

    Kemper MeiringKemper MeiringMonth ago
  • There's more to Ellen's problem than what's being out in public. It's never what they say it is

    Stevie StormStevie StormMonth ago
  • 29:23 that mini sprint 😂

    Yeti_974Yeti_974Month ago
  • Great seltzer add placement! Perfect timing!

    Garrett KoppelmannGarrett KoppelmannMonth ago
  • Hu

    HKHKMonth ago
  • Bill you are 1000% correct photography is becoming a lost art I do have a few friends that had taken photography as their education in the last 10 years and they still make them learn how to use a three-by-five large-format camera and a 35 mm so fingers crossed hopefully it won't die but it's so accessible that the common person doesn't even take the time to think that there's something to learn about photography where in the past it was very expensive to buy a camera and when you had one you wanted to learn how to make the shocks the best you could because it was a limited resource film was expensive nowadays any Joe Blow or Joe six-pack or Joe 40 announcer can just pop a shot off so there's no artistic point of view outside of a capture in photography is definitely a lot more than a capture I get that sometimes that capture moment whether it's from a photographer or an average person sometimes it's just magic I miss that too

    Dillon MannDillon MannMonth ago
  • I've been following along the audiobook along with the book "Flyboys". Bert, you are missing out on a bunch of details with the audiobook. I realized I can't be lazy and read along like I did in the first grade to someone else reading when they skip a few paragraphs every couple of pages. Jank world issues, I know. I had to stop the audiobook and read the book at a 🐌 pace.

  • Love these Guys!

    The House Of Genius PodcastThe House Of Genius PodcastMonth ago
  • Didn't bill smoke a cigar on jre? That wasn't in January

    WOOBAWOOBAMonth ago
  • LeeAnn lost so much weight lately, her skin looks smooth and her muscle very toned. I suspect she has been cutting out carbs and drinking less water. Her electrolyte levels might be messed up because of that. The fact that she worked out after fainting and knocking a tooth out sounds like she was under shock and had extreme adrenaline levels. I hope she will be better soon!

    mondaymusicmondaymusicMonth ago
    • These fad diets are dangerous as fook

      SuperSaiyan ZeroSuperSaiyan ZeroMonth ago
  • Bill seems really really really upset by cancel culture. Its a recurring theme on the podcast.

    Ivan PorruaIvan PorruaMonth ago
  • "Ray is Baby Hitler"???

    Maven FrankeusMaven FrankeusMonth ago
  • Comments were on 666 so I didnt want to put any bad juju on the bill burnt team.

    Tofu isnotfoodTofu isnotfoodMonth ago
  • thanks guys!!

    T DT DMonth ago
  • Bert went from “No booze maybe for the rest of the year...” then the BL plug comes in haha

    M MM MMonth ago
  • Hey Bert, I hope your wife is okay. I have A-fib (Atrial Fibrillation) (irregular heartbeat). I was at work one day a few years ago and I fell down and had a seizure and regained consciousness in the back of an ambulance. Wore a heart monitor for a month, and they didn't see anything. My doctor ultimately told me I needed to chill on the coffee cause that was what was triggering it. I don't drink coffee anymore and I haven't had any symptoms since.

    Dale LewisDale LewisMonth ago
  • Berts mentality "It was the funnest, best day EVER in my WHOLE life" "what did you do?" "We walk to the end of the street and came back"

    0Akeldama00Akeldama0Month ago
  • Bill looks like Death from Bill and Teds

    Casey RichardsonCasey RichardsonMonth ago
  • Yo, Bill is unhinged on this podcast. Is it always like this?

    Johnny DJohnny DMonth ago
  • hilarious! You guys are great. I love hearing the "Inside baseball" stuff you do about comedy. Please keep going thanks for sharing.

    MrAbro42MrAbro42Month ago
  • SVT- heart condition I have that makes me pass out. It sucks. Hope everything turns out ok

    B BlkwdrB BlkwdrMonth ago
  • Billy Boy... Nows your time... Write all this shit down and build your next hour... This mindset makes legends...

    Erik EgerstromErik EgerstromMonth ago
  • I can't stop picturing Bill running through a rainstorm and being struck by lightning.

    kanifala mkanifala mMonth ago
    • He looks like he just got roasted by it

      SuperSaiyan ZeroSuperSaiyan ZeroMonth ago
  • Does Bill just own ill fitting tee's?

    Adam D.Adam D.Month ago
  • as a white millennial woman - we are not all like those dummies that drove away from your show!!!! Comedy is comedy !

    Pam GalliPam GalliMonth ago
  • hate to break to you boys but we are of a ''certain age''. 50s and we are fkn old men, things are never gonna go backwards. we had our time now its their time. time to hit the bottle hard billyboy

    stiofan macstiofan macMonth ago
  • loolz, bill ''this guy is bringing heat ,wack him''. 100% spot on.

    stiofan macstiofan macMonth ago
  • Dam bill brings that al qaeda energy. Fucking hostile lol.

    Sebby SmithSebby SmithMonth ago
  • "The Bacchae" by Euripides

    Tom BleyTom BleyMonth ago
  • There is nothing worse than western white women bitching about being oppressed lmao

    SatisfyMySoulSatisfyMySoulMonth ago
  • Who's the guy on the right? I don't recognize him with his shirt on.

    klystron2010klystron2010Month ago
  • if these guy were new york comics for sure someone would have chopped up the audio that Bill was referring to.

    Gerry BirdGerry BirdMonth ago
  • I love watching Bert's stupid face. Haha

  • Thank you bill for your comment on photographers, I often get treated like I don’t know anything. It almost feels like it’s dying. I’m glad someone who isn’t a photographer appreciates the fact that it’s a skill. A lot of people act like being a photographer ain’t shit

    Chandler PopeChandler PopeMonth ago
  • Think Bert has made enough dough for a clone? Replacement livers make all kinds of sense.

    Breakaway BooksBreakaway BooksMonth ago
  • Bill is a good man, and he's having to come to terms with that lol.

    UFBear15UFBear15Month ago
    • @twhiteford ohh boy that's a bad situation.

      SuperSaiyan ZeroSuperSaiyan ZeroMonth ago
    • UFBear15 Haha, it’s all in a female judge’s hands for me right now. Not sure how I would have made it this far without Bill, Bert, Rogan, etc over the last year.

      twhitefordtwhitefordMonth ago
    • @twhiteford we all either beat them or lose at some point..

      UFBear15UFBear15Month ago
    • I agree so much. I wish Bill was my big brother. Seems like he’s beat the demons that’s are still torturing me.

      twhitefordtwhitefordMonth ago
  • That pic was sick.. perfect art for the coffee table drive in book

    KeltyKeltyMonth ago
  • Love all y'alls stories, sad funny whatever.. ur show has become therapeutic. Thanks guys!

    KeltyKeltyMonth ago
  • I don't just come here to laugh Bill, you both are on a different level of the building and I just like getting snippets of info allowing me to peak behind the curtain. Ya rich successful bastards 😂

    KeltyKeltyMonth ago
  • Check out the podcast jurney to justice with former Mexican mafia member Mundo Mendoza

    Golden State KillaGolden State KillaMonth ago
  • Bert: I'm just not going to drink for the rest of the year. Immediately goes to plugging bud light, while drinking one

    Philip HladkyPhilip HladkyMonth ago
  • I can imagine Bill and Burt the only two veteran comedians at the comedy store. They all leaving or dropping like flies.

    Irvin MartinezIrvin MartinezMonth ago
  • bill has gone from saying "women" to "white women"

    0Akeldama00Akeldama02 months ago
  • I was getting worried the old Bill was gone when he was on air self reflecting a ton but nope. The old Bill is out and it’s glorious. Speaking all truth here.

    Ryguy3000Ryguy30002 months ago
  • Bud light being the sponsor is probably Bert’s dream come true.

    714 Podcast714 Podcast2 months ago
  • Yeah the leftists can be pretty nasty people, but as I gravitate towards the right as I get older, I realize theyre mostly the same. You got assholes on both sides and its hard to tell the difference. If you disagree with a right leaning persons opinion, they tend to react just the same as disagreeing with a left leaning person... at least online. Just something I've noticed lately. They act the same way, they just argue different points.

    Dan MickelsonDan Mickelson2 months ago
  • Bert I love you but you are duck sometimes 😅

    TanTan_2wheelsTanTan_2wheels2 months ago
  • Omg that picture is beautiful, thank you for showing it

    Dena HeathDena Heath2 months ago
  • 350 per car let that sink in

    First LastFirst Last2 months ago
  • Who signed the drumhead behind Bill? Thanks

    Matt QuinlanMatt Quinlan2 months ago
  • Bert lost count of the amount of names that Bill dropped during his rambling story

    ElderDragonHighlandrElderDragonHighlandr2 months ago
  • “100 night sleep trial .... GROSS!!!”

    Alec CraigAlec Craig2 months ago
  • Cool podcast, but what's with the color of that face!?

    Francisco AntonioFrancisco Antonio2 months ago
  • hi bert i'm sorry to hear that leeann has fallen hope she's okay. But I'm still nervous about her so I would give you some good advice. My dad died back in 2018 but 2 years before he also fell over and fainted. the doctors said that they did not know what was wrong but that they were probably a malaise. My father had calcification in the coronary arteries. please take her to a heart specialist. I hope what I write makes sense English is not my first language. love from Rasmus from Denmark

    Rasmus BeauRasmus Beau2 months ago
  • Bills skin is healthy and vibrant, haters just used to a 50 yr old white man looking like an old tan baseball mitt. And Bonus the double B doesn't have skin cancer.

    Cari SanGiovanniCari SanGiovanni2 months ago
  • Rip Wayne Previdi. Bill loved you as did many others.

    Landon JohnsonLandon Johnson2 months ago
  • 33:38 Uhhhh-Hundred Calories.

    Turk DiamondTurk Diamond2 months ago
  • Love them. Burr as a white woman, I would have beat the"f u, Fu" lady ass had I been there. Burt listens to Bill like he is 7 listening to Santa Claus

    Cari SanGiovanniCari SanGiovanni2 months ago
  • @ 1:00:00 I hate when Bill ruins the start of an interesting conversation cause hes paranoid someone is gonna record his voice saying something fucked up, when he just recorded his voice. Not to mention the prior 5 minutes he just bitched and rambled about comics shitting on other comics and there really wasn't a lot of dialogue and finally a conversation fires up....No lets just end it here...

    Brice MarchantBrice Marchant2 months ago
  • lmaoooo the no more booze before the beer ad is awesome haha got me cracking up this morning

    Billy RegaladoBilly Regalado2 months ago
  • BERT! I had this problem with my heart! I was born with a coronary artery that threaded between my aorta and pulmonary artery, and I used to faint all the time and had mini heart attacks. I had open heart surgery to get it fixed, I was 31 when it happened. I hope your wife doesn't have that, but if she does she needs surgery immediately! Hope everything works out, and Bill you need those billionaire doctors so you will live for another 50 years.

    0ldrasput1n0ldrasput1n2 months ago
  • It's good to hear Bert's initial reaction to his scare about Leanne. It's important to recognize the sometimes unhealthy and counterintuitive but very real feelings that you might have around a (potential or near) tragedy. It's the only way to start to work through them. I hope she's ok.

    Ben WolframBen Wolfram2 months ago
  • love watching Bill read copy off his massive 108" monitor apparently. It's like watching an incredibly slow tennis match.

    RicosrageRicosrage2 months ago
  • It tickles me hearing semi-normal peoples take on stunts & dangerous sports. Some of us feel the need to create chaos so we can prove to ourselves it's tameable. It's best to blank out about the rocks at the bottom of the quarry ;)

    DumbassliveDumbasslive2 months ago
  • Is there something more american than cutting to commercial after a heartwrenching story?

    symbiojoesymbiojoe2 months ago
  • Cantoniece

    George ManifaseGeorge Manifase2 months ago
  • Not even once did Bill acknowledge that Bert's hat has his face embroidered onto it. A consummate professional

    ericIIDXericIIDX2 months ago
  • Hi guys during these tough times we are struggling with our personal emotional life, as an Army Vet., I had my fair share of dealing with emotions during this hard times, many of you have become and or will become depressed emotionally YOU DON'THAVE TOO. Many of hide it well, Im here for you, in my channel i have content that can help you become aware of it and deal with it without having to inform the world about. Stop by my channel subscribe and help yourself maybe someone you know that needs it.. blessings to you

    Ronny NunezRonny Nunez2 months ago
  • what's a coffee book Bill

    WillyWilly2 months ago
  • Love yous guys!!!!!

    Habee MarchenaHabee Marchena2 months ago
  • Love you guys

    micjr21micjr212 months ago
  • Finally got to see king of Staten Island

    Steven ConnonSteven Connon2 months ago
    • Amazing job bill loved the acting in it.

      Steven ConnonSteven Connon2 months ago
  • Be careful in macon. Shit is real out here.

    Don't panicDon't panic2 months ago
  • Tech is in Lubbock

    Jamison WheelerJamison Wheeler2 months ago
  • Bill's intro in that horse-voiced "Hey Everybody!" always makes me think I'm about to watch some shitty family gathering home video. Thank God it's Bill & Bert instead.

    BenBen2 months ago
  • Hyperloop, and other High Efficiency Rail Lines are on the way; cities, suburbs, and rural areas will be easy to travel and navigate with better rail.

    mikeslikesmikeslikes2 months ago
  • Oh shoot! I haven't been listening to MMP for a while now ... didn't even know that Bill has a son. Congrats Bill! You're really catching up with the parenting now, huh? :-D Wish you and Nia all the best!

    O. HenryO. Henry2 months ago
  • When I get to Macon, no more drinking for the rest of the year... BUD SELTZER, BITCHES!!!

    Gabriel SatterGabriel Satter2 months ago
  • Love you guys💕 miss the elaborate sets. I believe we’ll be back to normal eventually!

    AlexsandraAlexsandra2 months ago
  • To see bill grow and to understand the fucked up maze he is trying to manuver just makes me 100% of a fan it's not something everyone will get but I appreciate it and I hope all his family and friends respect it

    rugerrell1000rugerrell10002 months ago
  • I’ve done batting practice w some friends for the past few weekends and it’s so fucking fun. I feel you Bert

    AlexsandraAlexsandra2 months ago
  • Ok but WHO WAS THE COMIC. What a hater

    AlexsandraAlexsandra2 months ago
  • I'm wondering if that women will watch that episode and think about her act.

    wombiPLwombiPL2 months ago
  • I wanna see Bill thru a tiny window!!! 😭 fuck corona!

    AlexsandraAlexsandra2 months ago
  • Bert:yea .. no more booze.....(promotes Bud light seltzer) 😂💀

    FendriirFendriir2 months ago
  • “These are amazing . Listen I put them on ice, I pour them over ice and I drink it out of the can.” - Bart

    Ignacio CamposIgnacio Campos2 months ago
  • Welcome to another episode of Bill's therapy session

    Dopey JoeDopey Joe2 months ago
  • Bert when tom is talking: constantly interrupting. Bert when bill is talking: complete silence.

    infernos Danteinfernos Dante2 months ago
  • BARTTTT Definitely document the drive ins with a photographer!!!!!!!!

    Asher StageAsher Stage2 months ago
  • Please call Bert's "heart doctor" asap Bill

    Chris EstradaChris Estrada2 months ago
  • How can you cut from bert saying he is going to quit drinking directly to him reading an ad for Bud Light 😹😹😹

  • A bit of a weird reaction to the big jay thing from burr. A bit too jovial.

    Anton's Edits 81Anton's Edits 812 months ago
  • I love hearing Bill talk about those hacks that go after comedians who get clearly falsely accused because they need to hear a big comic talk about this. I wonder who Bill was referring to specifically, does anyone know?

    Liz LLiz L2 months ago
  • Bill Burr is a savage

    John SouzaJohn Souza2 months ago
  • Sending so much love for leann kreischer. I hope so much everything is ok.

    JoozC ProductionsJoozC Productions2 months ago
  • Btw,did anyone go to see the new movie that Bill Burr participated in? That's really awesome. Originally Bill Burr was the reason I watched this movie, Now there are more.

    Kate JasonKate Jason2 months ago
  • They're going at amy schumer here right? Or have i missed something

    jamesjames2 months ago
  • 33:04 ahhhh the editing was amazing

    G B561G B5612 months ago